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Qudus Online School and Madrasa have meticulously crafted an Islamic educational curriculum tailored for the Somali diaspora. This program, infused with the essence of Islamic teachings, spans beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, aimed at enriching the spiritual and religious understanding of its students through a journey of Islamic learning.

The curriculum is bifurcated into two core sections:

  1. The First Section: is dedicated to Somali children and youth under 17 years of age. It focuses on imparting Islamic knowledge, ingraining the teachings of Islam, and nurturing them with the morals and ethics encapsulated in the Islamic way of life.

  2. The Second Section: caters to adults, designed to deepen their foundational Islamic knowledge, enhancing their understanding of the faith and its practice.

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For Kids

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It is designed for the Curriculum of children's education in Islamic teachings and understanding the foundational aspects of Islamic teachings

For Adults

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It is designed for adults, to foster the growth of their fundamental understanding and knowledge in Islamic teachings.”

Program Offering Schedule

The educational journey intertwines with Quranic study sessions, structured to unfold on designated days each week, embedding the rhythm of Islamic learning into the daily lives of students.

Curriculum Essence

At the heart of this program lies the comprehensive teaching of Islam, encompassing the study of Aqidah (Islamic creed), Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence encompassing worship and daily conduct), Akhlaq (Islamic morals and ethics), Hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), Duas (supplications), and the Seerah (the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Methodology of Teaching

Structured in a tiered format, the program is an ascending journey through various stages of Islamic education. Each course is a stepping stone, leading students from one level of understanding to a higher, more profound comprehension of their faith.

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